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Can’t get used to the idea that the April edition of Vogue is sat on my coffee table in my studio because I AM IN IT! Vogue approached me a little while ago to find out  about what I do and here it is in black and white, living proof that PGB made it to…

Just a reminder to say I rarely have bookings available if you want to book a session ‘ASAP’. Please try to book 2 -3 months in advance at the very minimum to ensure you get a booking in a timescale to suit you and your baby. If you have bought or been given a voucher…

Seems quite a few babies were born over Christmas!  Here’s just one of my gorgeous 2016 mini clients from this week so far.  Despite having a nasty cold, he did so so well and we have some beautiful photos from today’s shoot.  Looking forward to showing the full set of pics to mum and dad…

Its wonderfully festive here in the studio! Its been such a busy few weeks! So many gorgeous little babies have come through the PGB studio door in the last few weeks.  Exhausted and over the moon that this little studio has become so busy in less than a year! Roll on 2016 xx


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